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 Most of my songs MIDI files were originally composed for a now greatly antiquated Roland D-110, and then ported over to a sample player. Neither of which are expressly General Midi compatible. Porting the sounds over to the general midi (GM) format which you hear on these pages ended up creating way different sounding files, as many of the sounds I used to originally compose the orignial sequences aren't available, or even approximable in GM. To further complicate things, GM sound quality varies greatly from soundcard to soundcard, and the mode they play in. I have two sound cards in addition to a sample player and the Roland, and I was amazed at the difference between the two, as well as when they were operating in FM synthesis vrs wavetable.  The sounds weren't always bad, but they were certainly a great deal different than I had intended.   I could spend forever futzing around in GM to get the "right sounds", but I have other things more worthwhile to do.

I had considered a MOD format at one time (i.e. Beatnik) as MOD formats allow some of the use of the original sounds I used in the creation, but my success with MOD players and creators have been frustrating. Just the amount of different Mod formats make it difficult to predict what plugins/players you will need to hear them-even if you can get them to work well with your hardware. MOD's have also not been effective forthe type of multitrack audio I do-which I feel is necessary to get the full effect of my music- without ridiculously large files/download times. MIDI and MOD's also allow a little more access to the internals of my music than I am willing to give at this point.

In the end Quicktime or MP3 is alot simpler for me and for you to hear the same sounds with the least amount of hassle/downloading. The compression format (based on how we percieve sound instead of just eliminating random frequencies) of the codecs are incredible, stereo audio with near cd sound can take up about 200Kb per minute vrs 10.5Mb of standard*.wav format it to be streamed, which either way allows you to hear the music quicker, and allows me to put more of my music into my limited web space.

To Download a quicktime player go here:     MAC or PC (about 7MB)

To Download a MP3 player go here:     MAC or PC (about .5MB)

After you get the player, installed and configured, you can begin hearing my stuff.  Songs are going to be about 400-600Kb a song, since both are streamable you don't have to download the whole thing to see what it sounds like. My eventual goal is when the songs have been refined enough to put them on a CD/DVD (with a whole bunch of other stuff like videos), and sell the CD or the full version of the song in a downloadable format (which if you have access to a CD-burner is basically the same thing).

I have a ton (70+) of songs "in progress" and to help decide between which styles of myself are most commercially viable, I will be rotating them hopefully monthly, when I feel they are "ready". Unfortunately, getting a song to synch right is a time consuming process, and my time is already spread out thin among the plethora of projects I'm involved in. Anyhow, tell me what you hate, what you like, I would appreciate it.