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The Greyman


  • Troy Gardner (keyboards, vocals, guitar and bass)


  • Peavey DPM C8 Piano Controller

  • Hohner Acoustic guitar with Dean Markley pickup

  • 4 String fretted Headway bass (Steinberger clone)

  • Digitech 2112 (upgraded to 2120) guitar fx processor

  • ProSonus MP20 dual channel preamp

  • Microphones (Peavey PVM 520i, Radio Shack PZM)

  • PC

    • Cubase VST 5.1

    • Phillips Sound Edge (primarily for midi in/out)

    • Yamaha DSP Factory with AX88 breakout box.

    • Various Software Synths (Reason, Reality)


  • world

  • ambient

  • techno

  • industrial

  • folk

  • rock


Right now I'm in the process of putting together songs for a demo. The response will also decide which songs will be played live/recorded when/if I ever get the time to put together a band. Feedback is appreciated. Songs are available in these formats:

players.gif (771 bytes)
MIDI no plugins or extra software required (if you are running Netscape 3.0+ or IE 3.0+. Will give you the general gist of it, but depending on your soundcard will probably sound nothing like what I intended. (disclaimer)
Quicktime 3 Streamable CD quality, better sounding than RealAudio (less space too), without some of the hassles with MPEG licensing .
MP3 For eventual release to or some such.