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UNT Box # 8037, Denton TX, 76201
(940) 387-3737


To make use of my SAP R/3 ABAP/4, Java, and Javascript knowledge to program and maintain SAP modular code and interfaces to help firms to achieve enterprise-wide plans and internet integration.
ALE and EDI Programming, Visu Consultants Ltd. Academy, Dallas, Texas. June 1999
SAP R/3 ABAP/4 Programming, Visu Consultants Ltd. Academy, Dallas, Texas. May 1999
Computer Engineering prerequisites, Front Range Community College, Westminster, CO.
  Course work: Turbo Pascal, Visual Basic, Basic Electronics, Digital Fundamentals.
May 1995
Mechanical Engineering, Music Composition prerequisites, Sierra Junior College, Rocklin, CA. 
  Course work: Drafting and CAD, Calculus I, II, Calculus based Physics and Chemistry.
August 1993
Software: Windows: DOS through 98/NT4 Server, MAC: OS to 7.5, UNIX: Linux 5.0, Sun OS. Programming (SAP R/3 3.1H, ABAP/4, ALE, EDI, IDOC, SAPscript, BDC, PL/SQL, Turbo Pascal, HTML/DHTML, Java (IBM VisualAge, Asymetrix Supercede, JavaScript), Database (Oracle 7/8, Access, Filemaker Pro), Web Site management/development (MS Internet Information Server, FrontPage, NetObject Fusion, Flash), Major Office Suites (MS, Lotus), All major Internet Browsers, MS Exchange/Outlook, Graphic Design Software (Quark, PhotoShop, PageMaker, Illustrator, FDPainter, Bryce), Video (Premiere/After Effects), 3D software.

Hardware: PC (XT-Dual Pentium II)& MAC Desktops/Laptops, Network (cabling, TCP/IP, and methodology), Laserprinter, Inkjet, Modems, CD-R/RW, RAID/Removable media, SCSI, USB, MIDI, video and audio capture, all major components. Basic Electronics Experience.

May 1999 Visu Consultants Ltd. Academy
June 1999 SAP ABAP/4 - +100 hrs of class instruction, SAP Online Documentation.
  • BASICS: wrote, edited, debugged and ran programs (30 - 50) to understand principle functions of ABAP/4 programming such as data handling, flow control, modularizing, reading and processing database and internal tables.
  • REPORTS:wrote, edited, and ran programs (15 - 20) using LOGICAL DATABASE, creating lists and interactive lists, and refining datasets.
  • BATCH DATA COMMUNICATION (BDC): wrote programs (5 - 10) to transfer data from LEGACY SYSTEMS to SAP, from ORACLE application server to presentations server, and vice versa.
  • DICTIONARY:created data types and field attributes for database tables (5 - 10) with check tables, documented with DATA MODELER.
  • TRANSACTIONS: wrote SAPGUI module pools (25 - 30) via the OBJECT BROWSER using SCREEN PAINTER and MENU PAINTER to control database accessing and updating capabilities.
  • SAP SCRIPT: created layout sets (5 - 10) for report forms.
Advanced Programming: ALE EDI- +25 hrs of class instruction, SAP Online Documentation.
  • ALE / EDI:wrote, edited, debugged Master and Transaction data distribution and interfaces. IDOC archival, extension and reduction.
  • Using SD and MM modules transferred Customer, Vendor, and Material information from different servers and clients via ALE, and sending a PO via EDI generating a SO dialog exchange on the alternate server.
March 1997
Intranet Development- Integrion Campaign
  • Developed and maintained campaign Intranet site for 15 (initially 35) major banks using FrontPage 98 and MS Office. Intranet consisted of latest bank contact information, memos, agent schedules, banking forms, and different support policies to be used by 60+ floor agents. Managed links and backup during routine maintenance.
  • Designed online banking forms for enrollment, device modifications, problem escalation, from specifications given by management.
  • Programmed JavaScript form validations, mouseovers, and dynamic menu trees.
  • Created a knowledge base of solutions for common online banking problems involving MS Money 97-99, Home ATM, proprietary bill-pay software, Internet based bill-payment, VRU, and modem connectivity.
  • Implemented a search engine using Javascript to pass form values to the Java search engine
  • Implemented employee feedback submit using DirectX.
  • Created online tutorials of products and walkthroughs using HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Flash, Screenshots, GIF and JPEG.
  • Created efficient loading pages by tuning graphics using PhotoShop. Tuned HTML Frames, Tables, JavaScript using FrontPage 98 and Notepad.
  • Enhanced the Intranet site to include several interfaces using HTML Frames, Tables and JavaScript for optimized performance on slower PC's and different employee browsing styles with FrontPage Editor and Netscape Composer.

Technical Support Senior Level (T-3)

  • Coordinated resolution of complex technical issues for Internet based banking, via interfacing with programmers, web backend support and management.
  • Troubleshooted advanced modem communication problems by researching compatible Hayes AT commands and working with modem manufacturer technical support.


May 1995
August 1996
Database Administrator
  • Programmed a custom quoting, sales order, inventory, invoicing, shipping, customer, vendor, application used in the production environment using RDBMS Filemaker Pro and MS Access.
  • Transitioned the vendor and customer master data, and order invoice transactions from a legacy flat-file database Filemaker to relational databases Filemaker Pro and Access through importing and exporting *.DBF files.
  • Designed unique forms and reports for use in-house and as communication with customers and vendors (i.e. quotes invoices, sales orders, bills of materials, parts lists, and quarterly expenditures).
  • Instructed co-workers on use of the custom accounting system and how to use Filemaker Pro, Access, LANtastic, and Dos/Win 3.1/95 to accomplish their tasks efficiently.
  • Enhanced functionality of application utilizing feedback from production floor on how to make it more efficient and implemented necessary changes via Filemaker Pro scripting, Access SQL query, and general query tuning.
  • Maintained database integrity by scheduling and automating regular back up to local removable hard-drives and tape drives and offsite archival sources with CD-R.
  • Managed database recovery on drive failure, data corruption or user error, by restoring from backups and coordinating accurate redoes.
  • Interfaced with management for recommended upgrades to hardware when performance levels could not be maintained by existing hardware.
  • Managed security on database user access.

Network Administrator

  • Managed a network of about 20 PC's in a heterogeneous environment using operating systems Mac, Win 3.11, Win95.
  • Maintained network connectivity and general PC hardware troubleshooting on a 10Base2, IPX/SPX network using Win95 network diagnostics, and LANtastic.
  • Implemented dial-up networking capabilities to allow remote dialup into the network using Win95.
  • Managed security on user network resource access using Win95 peer to peer and LANtastic.
  • Helped setup remote communication with a standard modem to office in Florida for conferencing, data transfer.
  • Managed printer spool, and general printing problems for HP LaserJet’s and Inkjets.


January 1995
August 1996
COMPUTER CITY, Westminster, CO
Commissioned Sales and Upgrades
  • Consulted with end-users and corporate customers to deliver effective computer hardware and software solutions to their upgrade, repair and purchase needs.
  • Installed and supported a broad range of computer hardware and software on Macintosh and PC platforms.
  • Researched alternate solution channels when necessary
references available on request.