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Troy Gardner's Job Search Information:

As a result of talking and emailing tons of recruiters asking the same questions over and over again, I've compiled a basic FAQ.

a skills matrix will be available soon.

My Hopes for a job:

Ideally: To find a job in 1) Java/Web infrastructure development hopefully with ends in multimedia and e-commerce or 2) Java Programmer or 3) Web Designer

I'm looking for a medium to higher level position that will let me leverage my technical skills and my administration skills. My current position which I'm thriving at, is a Chief Technical Officer at a small startup that is having difficulty getting funded...which is the only reason I'm looking for other employment.  I have been able to get the business idea/concept onto paper for a patent of the business model, as well as the java classes, Object database (relational/SQL performance wouldn't have been adequate), web server, network, storage involved in it's eventual completion.   Basically the whole thing.

Size of company: I've worked in small startup companies and medium corporations.  They each have tradeoffs, but generally I'm more stimulated at smaller companies, or in a position with many different aspects to it.

Team/Individual:  I enjoy working in teams where roles are relatively well defined, and have a decent amount of independance. I   prefer not to be micromanaged.  I have the ability to lead, project manage, present and interface with management effectively if the need arises.  

Desired Salary: Currently I am working 12-14 hr days 6 days a week getting paid _much_ less than market value in exchange for equity and the chance to see this company go, because I believe in it.   Unless an equally promising company is out there, I'd like to see somewhere between $23-$35/hr depending on % of travel, if it's a startup/established, stock options, etc. and how much it relates to high level design/project admin, versus just coding. The more travel/relocation the higher my expenses would be.  

Travel % / Relocation: I'm currently willing to travel 100% of the time for the right job. Relocation, and Consulting, Contract-to-Hire depend highly on the opportunity presented.

In short I'm flexible.


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