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Troy Gardner is:

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(Me in 3D age 25, cross your eyes to see stereo)

    Currently 28 years of age, and attending the school of life, majoring (meandering actually) in primarily technological B.S, (Bachelor of Science or BullShit your choice). I just got through moving to San Diego (Poway actually) from living in Dallas for three years with my brilliant roomate and attending the school of life (actually Foothill CC), majoring (meandering actually) in primarily technological B.S, (Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering or BullShit your choice). I currently live in Palo Alto (oh alright _East_ Palo Alto with all the riff-raff),  a few miles from Stanford University which I manage to get lots out of despite not paying for tuition there. It's true if you surround yourself with smart people it eventually sinks in.

    As generally happens with technology, the net, and life, my website is in and will likely always be in a state of flux -to reflect new technologies and new media (songs etc.) created outside the confines of this web space. So a lot of pages are in progress, in complete, nonexistant. I am aware of them, and as frustrating as it may be, I'm very busy, and my website isn't that high on the totem pole of things that need to be done.

    Some future improvements will be to start isolating the aspects that fit into unique domains as well as get some hosting which support java based application servers databases as I've been frustrated by getting my head into the rather straight confines of html and the many overlaps between topics I wish to write about, thus am resorting to a database storage mechanism. This site will start revolving more about myself (history, ramblings and such) while the future Intrio site will reflect commercial aspects of my human computer hardware and software interfaces, and a yet to be disclosed URL my web software consulting services.

    I reserve the right to copyright anything uniquely me/potentially profitable, the Troysign logos, software, lyrics, wave files and midi files especially, however at this point anything on this site is freely distributed to non-profit organizations or people that feel they have something unique to add to the web, please email me with where they are going to be used, so I can take a peek. 

   Many of the tools I have used to create this site are shareware or betas or nonrecent versions of the software (often available through used computer stores if your lucky), and is proof you don't have to spend a fortune to create a decent site if you have an idea of what you want and if you've got the moxy to put them to work. 

These are my current resumes.



For those of you who just gotta get into the deep down and personal aspects of me, click here.