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  • Height: 6'1"ish
  • Weight: 140-165 lbs (depends on what on diet is raw/cooked)
  • Build: thin/fit, with average build
  • Nationality: Mutt, American House Blend, Caucasian/Hispanic, unknown?!?
  • Eyes: Hazel (more light greenish -I've been told one of my best features)
  • Hair: Brown (short) related to brillo pad.
  • Alcohol: nope.
  • Smoking/Drugs: No/Only twice for reasons other than pleasure.
  • Religion: Strong Christian-based roots/morality, kinda atheistic/agnostic in practice. Insufficent info to go one way or the other 100% of the time.  So somewhere in the vast grey between the incompatibles: evolution, the anthropothic principal, Darwin, The X files, Startrek, and the great fill in the blank, hope provided by religion.


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