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09/15/02- Pardon the dots, and feel free to move them about as you need to. A few days ago I found that the whole site became inaccessible due to tripods inserting their damn popup's into the heart of the javascript based menu I've been using (since 1998!) as the entry point into every section of my site. On the positive side I was originally thinking my pages had been lost/corrupted due to data. Thankfully that wasn't the case. Anyway provided good impetuts in conjunction with needing to redo the Adaptive AI website to learning Dreamweaver (which blows Frontpage 2000 off the radar screen -but hey it was free) and FIreWorks MX which as much as I love Painter doing drop shadows, halo, or embossing is painful and not all that impressive.

I've also finally gotten time to implement the menu ideas long overdue in FlashMX for my site. Lots of work still needed here. Still working on how to get the existing content on the site into a consistent (or rather morphing) single browser interface I desire, and the more serious issues of bookmarking and search engine integration. Quite simply programmatic movement in Flash rocks. Menu systems can be so much more interactive, dynamic and intriquing and small! when things are done via actionscript than tweening manually. Of course they do take awhile to develop.The rest of the site is going to take a few weeks to implement and the new content will be added in ad-hoc fashion.

05/29/02- Reworked much of the site organizationally to make room for the new content I'm planning, also removed some out of date pages. 

05/07/02- Some flash based experiments here.




10/31/99- Happy Halloween.

08/25/99- Moved to San Diego, California for a new job (whahoo!) with my new employer Coyote Media.

04/25/99- Working on getting a Domain name and dedicated connection soon. Have been using Microsoft Internet Information Server at home on NT, which allows database integration for webpages, allowing dynamic pages. Very cool. Lots of Links fixed, a few pages formatted. Updated Resume posted.

04/xx/99- 25 years on planet earth. I'm a quarter of a way to being a really really old. Thanks for the presents family.

03/14/99- Just got back from Las Vegas. For those into immersive entertainment, definately check out the 3D Imax at the Luxor. It's on dinosaurs (uses some of the same talent from Jurrasic park), it's very very cool.   Also entertaining but more nauseating was the 3D IMAX motion simulator (the only one in the world) at the Caesar.  I hear Circus de Solei's "O" is very cool..if you can go for $90-$135 a ticket (it was sold out too!) at the Bellagio.


12/29/98- Put a few music samples of works in progress under TheGreyman page. Definately rough around the edges, but you can get the general idea. For christmas I was able to upgrade my system, so I can finally use the most excellent software sampler Reality which doesn't particularly like my AMD 133 very much.    My audio mixer still sucks though, so noise seems to be unescapable right now in my recording.   My neighbors (oh say a few thousand students from UNT) don't help either!

12/18/98- Just got back from florida vacation (3 days sailing on a 47' catamaran off of Key West), should manage to have a few decent shots out of the 8+ rolls I shot, scanned sometime soon.

12/1/98- yeah I know, alot of pages are either in progress or not there, I'm working on it 'K!? Anybody got a spare year to loan me..indefinately?