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Intrio-Advanced User Interfaces

Interfacing to the human body and the computer is the focus of Intrio furniture. As computers become more intertwined with humans and our everyday lifes, the focus on this is to make the user hardware/body interface as natural as possible, and comfortable for extended periods, thus maximizing the bandwidth/communication between the two, making immersive media more effective. The furniture will besigned to move with the body, support evenly/correctly, keep necessary computer input movement to a minimum, and be very comfortable. As such the focus here will be on body supports and computer/sensory I/O. Much of the focus is devoted to keeping the human body comfortable for extended periods of time, and to minimize repititive injuries by limiting range of motion to most efficient areas, with as little motion as necessary to get the job done.



Hand Interface:

a meld of technology the mouse and the keyboard, it's advanced design lets the user switch between typing, 2d navigation, editing, numeric entry, 3d navigation with a minimum of fuss, and a more optimized/ergonomic design for increased comfort. Flash Ram Custom programable keys, battery option for use with notebooks and other computers.